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Students must demonstrate proficiency

For the first time, students will be required to demonstrate proficiency in certain essential skills (skills that are deemed critical for future success) before they are awarded the diploma. Essential Skills are process skills that can be applied in a variety of courses, subjects, experiences and settings. Beginning in 2012, students must demonstrate proficiency in identified essential skills. The revised Essential Skills timeline adopted by the State Board in August 2009 is as follows:

  • 2012: Read and comprehend a variety of text (applies to 2009-10 sophomores & below)
  • 2013: Write clearly and accurately (applies to 2009-10 freshmen & below)
  • 2014: Apply mathematics in a variety of settings (applies to 2009-10 8th graders & below)
  • The remaining Essential Skills will be phased-in over subsequent years, timeline to be determined.

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