Amy Gray

Welcome to Mrs. Gray's Class!


We will be on an exciting journey together this year filled with loads of growth, both physically and academically.  You are an important team member in helping your child succeed in school. Let's take a look at ways you can provide a positive academic and behavior influence from home:


   Make reading a part of every day - most importantly, express a personal excitement towards reading stories together.  At every opportunity have your child read stories on his/her own. Reading and spelling 200+ sight words is a great reading goal! Ask comprehension questions as your child reads to you to check for understanding.


   Start a story journal - children enjoy learning to write their own stories and this is a wonderful way to increase reading and spelling skills.  Keep a simple dictionary handy for them to use as a reference, you will receive one at fall conferences.One of the best indicators of independence in writing is when a child no longer needs to say, "Mom, how do youspell........."!


   Use travel time - count by 5's, 10's, 2's, and 3's through the thousands.  Start at random points and go backwards and forwards.  Have spelling bees together and oral math problems such as Bob has 2 quarters, 3 dimes, 5 nickles and Sally has 5 quarters and 2 pennies, who has more and how much more?


   Promote responsibility - have chores, routines and expectations that are clearly understood by your child. Choose a special area for homework assignments and materials...follow up on checking homework daily.  It's often fun to come up with routines and rules together. Understanding the reason for a rule creates a more positive environment for cooperation later!  Make sure your child also understands the consequences for both good and poor choices. Help him/her learn to be responsible for behavior choices!  And most importantly, be consistent yourself in enforcing the positive (lots of this!!) as well as the negative.


Our classroom rules and procedures are available upon request.  Look in the Parent/ Student Handbook for school policies. Remember to read our weekly newsletter for current classroom updates and homework. Thanks for all your support, there is NO SUBSTITUTE for your involvement!


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On we go!  Amy Gray