Elizabeth Hue

Mrs. Hue-DiRusso comes from 3 generations of teachers.  She graduated from Lowell High School,  the oldest high school  on the west coast.  It is located in San Francisco.   She went on to Santa Clara University and then to California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. 

She taught at the Christian School in Pistol River, and  taught for 1 year in Agness.  She is currently in her 14th year, with Central Curry School District.

  Her favorite subjects to teach are  Social

Studies and Math.  She  loves read aloud stories, singing and art.  Other specialties include: teaching sign language to her class, a captain's rank in Civil Air Patrol ,  and winning a tandem surf trophy with her husband.


Information : phone 247-6604 ext. 368 ehue@ccsd.k12.or.us