Helaine Truthstone

Helaine Truthstone 

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     As a morning Kindergarten teacher, each child is received in kindness, secure expectations, and respect in a whole group environment. This creates a safe and affirming foundation in which learning and growing towards becoming a successful student and citizen of the world can grow.  In partnership with parents and community the child is given a reflection of who they are as a student and as a person who is a lifelong learner.

     As afternoon RTI support reading coach and ELL English language coach, I meet with students in small groups focusing on reading skills or English language skills. In all contexts of learning, the classroom is a safe and productive space in which learning with respect, kindness, and curiosity is applied.

     I welcome parent and community volunteers to help with our busy kindergarteners since it is often a challenge for our 5 year olds to share the teacher. As with all education, their success feeds the future success for our society.

     The best way to reach me is in person or via email: htruthstone@ccsd.k12.or.us